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AspireSource CanaryCage Board

Generic Endpoint Module for LoRa Application Development

Connect up to 3 sensors to GPIO ports of MultiConnect xDot. There is an onboard power switch and a LED connected to GPIO0. A 3.6V AA 2600mAh lithium battery is included. A MultiConnect xDot developer board is needed to import codes from ARM mBed. A 10-position ribbon cable to connect xDot developer board header JP1 to the CON1 programming header on CanaryCage Board. MultiTech recommends the Samtec FFSD-05-D-06.00-01-N ribbon cable. The input voltage of the sensors that connected to CanaryCage Board need to be 2.4 to 3.6 volt.


- Flexibility to connect different sensors for different projects
- Very low power
- On board LED light is connected to GPIO0 and can be programmed to display messages

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