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MultiTech xDot Micro Developer Kit

LoRa USB Dongle Developer Kit (MTMDK Series)

The xDot­ Micro Developer Kit is a USB dongle that allows a developer to plug in a MultiTech xDot and start developing their application. Its portable design makes it ideal for connecting to a laptop and doing range testing of the LoRa network. This LoRa USB dev kit includes a development board, xDot, integrated LoRa antenna and Quick Start Guide.

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Develop IoT Applications Quickly & Easily

All xDot devices are Arm Mbed compatible, allowing users to store and access libraries directly on the hardware. This platform allows for innovative application development that leverages the xDot’s edge intelligence, nearly anywhere.

All xDot family Devices:

- Designed with security
- Provide bi-directional data communication
- Allow deep in-building penetration
- Reduce material costs
- Offer reduced complexity
- Make development easier

Developer support and resources are available at

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